2013 Spring and Summer Garden Seeds


Mark your calendars, seed distribution dates:

Saturday Feb. 2nd 

11am-2pm at Highlands Presbyterian Church

Tuesday Feb. 5th

6-8pm at Highlands Presbyterian Church

Wednesday Feb. 13th

4-7pm at Union Street Farmers Market

Click here for the complete Spring/Summer 2013 Seed List

Those new and want to know how to participate please visit the Seed Library Page

Email: melissa@foragefarm.org
Phone: 352-284-4053


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One Response to 2013 Spring and Summer Garden Seeds

  1. David Halver says:

    Times are certainly changing… and efforts like these are clearly marked signposts that we all have to rethink what the future has in store for us; meaning our families and communities. During World War One & Two, people in the US, UK & in Canada had “Victory Gardens” planted in their backyards & in public parks. Aside from being “morale boosters” they provided vegetables, fruit and herbs for the gardners as well as anyone in need. They were also done in the spirit of making an effort to help reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war(s).
    Clearly it was a time when people gave more thought & concern regarding their neighbors than in recent years… But to read this post; gives me a renewed sense of hope that times are changing; hopefully for the better!

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