Grow Gainesville is a project of Forage, a not-for-profit farm education center, supporting healthy land, food and community.

Grow Gainesville Mission Statement

“To increase our community’s ability to produce and share food grown in urban gardens by facilitating the networking of gardeners, resources, and information in a way that is easily affordable and accessible to all.”

Urban gardens are growing in neighborhoods across Alachua County: in backyards and community gardens, and at schools and community centers. They provide us with fresh, nutritious produce, right outside our doors, and help to increase food security in our community while beautifying neighborhoods.

Numerous community partners including Forage, Slow Food Gainesville, Florida Organic Growers, Abundant Edible Landscapes, Edible Plant Project, Santa Fe College, the University of Florida and many others joined together forming Grow Gainesville, an urban gardening network. Grow Gainesville aims to be a central hub of gardening, where gardeners go to find local resources and assistance.

Grow Gainesville is open to all as a member-driven organization supported by affordable annual dues. These dues help cover basic costs of operating the network. Friends of Grow Gainesville will receive locally appropriate seeds for the fall and spring gardening seasons and stay connected to local gardening resources.


5 Responses to About

  1. Jim Stark says:

    Wanting to get back to growing my own food (organic)

  2. Nancy Adams says:

    I am interested in becoming a member. I live in Suwannee County. Can I become a member if I live outside of Alachua County?

  3. Susan says:

    I’d like to offer some of my land to folks who are interested in creating a co-op garden. I’ve got livestock grazing here, but would be happy to offer some fenced-off acreage. If this is appealing, let me know and we’ll chat about the details. Handy location for NW Gvl.

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