General Grow Gainesville inquiries can be sent to You can also join our Facebook group for lively discussions about local gardening

If you can’t find the Grow Gainesville info you need on our website, and you want to talk with someone, please call Melissa Desa at 352-284-4053.


3 Responses to Contact

  1. Sakil Hossain says:

    please can you fill me in on the ordinances there are in gainesville about keeping chickens and other animals in alachua county. thank you


  2. Everything you need to know about Alachua County (which doesn’t include Gainesville!) urban ag ordinances is listed out in detail in several sections in the new Alachua County Comprehensive Plan. It’s probably a good rule of thumb for the cities too, except for larger livestock. We need to figure out what, if any, city ordinances are.

  3. Karen Porter says:

    I need to pay for my membership in the seed library. What address can I send a check to?

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