Many local stores carry seeds, including Alachua County Feed and Seed (which is great for BULK purchases not typically organic but they have a nice selection now of Southern Exposure Seeds), Ward’s Supermarket, Earth Pets, Gardener’s Edge, and the Edible Plant Project.

There’s also our own Seed Library, you can join for $25/year and receive lots of vegetable, herb, flower seed for your spring/summer and fall/winter garden. All varieties selected will grow well here, and are purchased from seed suppliers we like, that provide good bulk seed.

There are many great online resources, too, that offer a wide range of organics and heirlooms. Here are some of our favorites.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is another good source for heirloom seeds.

High Mowing Organic Seeds is a great local seed company located in Hardwick, Vt., ground zero for Vermont’s local food movement.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds carries a wide selection of seeds at good prices and carries an assortment of other gardening supplies.

Kitizawa Seed Company specialized in Asian vegetables.

Seeds of Change has a great selection of organics and heirlooms.

Seed Savers Exchange has a nice variety of heirlooms and organics. They are not always suited to our climate so select carefully.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange focuses on Southern gardening, which is a plus. Great selection of organic and heirloom varieties.

Here is a list of many other companies that carry heirloom varieites.



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