Soil & Soil Amendments

Get your soil tested! This is always a good idea, but we don’t think we do it enough. Read more about it and call your extension office for more information on how to have yours tested, 352-955-2402. Its easy and cheap.

Whenever you buy soil, we recommend you perform a soil test to make sure the pH is suitable and perhaps age the pile before use. This is a good practice with any soil or compost you obtain.

Soil Enrichment Products in Hague, Fla. Composted cow manure and peanut hull mixes and other amendments available in bulk or bagged. Floyd will deliver, but only large loads about 15 cubic yards, which is a whole lot of soil! But you can pick up as much as you’d like, for about $26/yard. Call for prices and to set up a pick-up time. This is great soil and has been used in countless gardens in the county, highly recommended.

Abundant Edible Landscapes offers various organic soil amendments and great perennial edible plants, too. They also do irrigation systems and entire landscape designs and installations for those serious about edible landscaping. They deliver to most parts of Gainesville for about $5. Check them out online or visit them on Facebook.

Gainesville Compost is small local business, turning restaurant scraps into delicious soil, used for various gardens around town. Find out more about this amazing, pedal-powered initiative online or visit them on Facebook.

Prairie’s Edge Organics in Micanopy, Fla., offers worm castings and other garden delights.

Wood Resources Recovery offers a variety of re-claimed wood mulches for your landscape beds and pathways, as well as organic topsoil and compost.

GRU offers FREE landscape mulch through the Wood Chip Recycling Program. It’s not great for gardens, but you can use it to make paths between beds or to mulch over that awful lawn. CAREFUL! You get a lot — maybe 6-8 cubic yards. Be prepared to spread some mulch.

Free County Mulch that you must pick up yourself. This is also not ideal for direct application into the vegetable garden, but great for paths, driveways, landscaping plants, etc.


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