March 2012 Articles

  • “Composting Troubleshooting,” by Jenny Seitz
    Compost is a great natural fertilizer for your garden but sometimes you may notice decomposition is not happening as expected. Here’s a short list of common challenges with possible causes and solutions. Read more in this PDF.
  • “Getting Started with Homegrown Tomatoes in North Florida,” by Karl Miller
    For many fruit and vegetable gardeners, few accomplishments match the thrill of pulling a ripe four-inch diameter tomato off the vine. Read a few basics for those new to tomator gardening in this PDF.
  • “Small Space and Apartment Gardening: Simple Tips for Success,” by Emma Crawford and Melissa DeSa
    Container gardening is a functional, decorative and space-saving measure for any gardening situation. Read more in this PDF.
  • “Saving Seeds from Brassicas and Lettuces,” by Melissa DeSa
    A long-term goal of Grow Gainesville is to foster an appreciation and knowledge for the art of saving garden seeds. Read more in this PDF.
  • “Seed Starting 101,” by Haley West, Comet Farms
    Starting your own plants from seed may seem like a simple task, but there are many factors to be considered for healthy and successful plants. Read more in this PDF.

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