Southern Heritage Seed Collective

SHSC-Logo-MainForage-ColorThe seed collective provides a means for us to collectively bulk purchase seeds that grow well here in North Florida, saving you money on seasonal seed purchases. Additionally, it is a place where locally saved seed can be donated, and stored for distribution to other local gardeners. Our goal is to encourage proper seed saving techniques to increase locally supplied seed.

Support the collective by joining it! For a suggested donation of $25 a year, you receive high quality and abundant seeds for your spring and fall garden. We provide a wide selection of mostly vegetables, but also herb and flower seeds. We are open to suggestions of varieties that you’ve had success with or would like to try. If you are a beginner, we take the guess work out of seed selection, by providing varieties we know do well here.

We try to provide mostly open-pollinated and/or organic varieties to encourage seed saving. However in some instances hybrid varieties may be the only or best option for a particular variety, and will be noted on the packet (Read here to understand the differences between the two). If you are capable of saving seed (see resources below), you are encouraged to “return” any surplus to the  library.

There is no limit on what your donation entitles you to, we just ask that you take what you need and no more. Our seeds will supply most or all of your garden seed needs, except for individual preferences of certain varieties we cannot provide. If you cannot afford a donation at this time, and/or would rather barter a skill or your time to the library, please contact us!

When:  Seeds will be available at the beginning of each growing season (spring-Jan/Feb and fall-Sept/Oct). Seeds may also be picked up throughout the rest of the year by appointment only. Email or call Melissa at (352) 284-4053 to set up a time.

Where: The library is located at Highlands Presbyterian Church, 1001 NE 16th Ave. We are so grateful to the wonderful ministers, Jack and Alisun Donovan for supporting local food initiatives like this!

Joining the Grow Gainesville Community:

Seed Collective Application (snail mail paper application and check)

Online application and PayPal payment (fast, easy, safe)

Seed Saving Information

Seed Ambassadors seed saving guide. You can purchase a printed booklet from us for only $2 (covers the cost of printing)! Email or get them at our seed distributions.

Seeds Savers webinars (free)

Organic Seed Alliance Seed Saving Guide

Six Basic Tips from Seed Matters

A handy Seed Saving Chart with isolation distances, mode of pollination, population size and shelf life for common garden crops from Seed Matters



12 Responses to Southern Heritage Seed Collective

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  10. I love the seed library!

  11. Stacey says:

    We are trying to join, but every time I click on “joining it”, it says the webpage cannot be found. Does this exist or not?

  12. John jaya says:

    Hi has anyone in gainesville area had good luck with a fall planting of perpetual spinach?

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